Introducing Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market is launching a powerful promotional platform for brand activations, media, events and sponsorships.


Ponce City Market breathes new life into the historic Sears, Roebuck & Co. building in Atlanta. The classic ten story, 1.1 million square foot structure is the area’s largest adaptive reuse project and has been reinvented as a vibrant community hub housing the Central Food Hall, various shops, residential flats and offices, all while pointing back to the roots of its inception. Picture3

 The market infuses vigor and excitement into this historically-significant structure, located in one of Atlanta’s most cherished, millennial-centric neighborhoods.

 True North Management Group has been retained to launch this promotional platform into the marketplace.  PCM is introducing new brand activation areas, media, events and sponsorships – all focused on engaging YOUR brand with THEIR audience.


Picture9We are only seeking brand partners who will contribute to our customer’s experience, with a focus on arts, music, culinary, health/fitness, technology, innovation, sustainability and of course an interest in engaging millennials. 

 Ponce City Market draws a younger, attractive, educated and higher income shopper.

  • 57% College or advanced degree vs. 36% for Atlanta market

  • 36% Millennials vs. 32% Atlanta market

  • 15% HHI $150k+, 29% $100k+

  • 54% Male

  • 33 Average Age

Picture3They gravitate to places with a soul and events and activities that give them a sense of belonging – civic groups, supper clubs, artistic niches.

They move on foot and bike, Smartcar and public transit. They prefer street retail and non–traditional shopping environments to malls.

They look for communities with a sense of purpose, like Ponce City Market. 

Give me a call and we’ll set up a site visit or a call to discuss the opportunities.  If you haven’t visited PCM already, you need to, it’s quickly becoming the must-go-to attraction in Atlanta.  Let’s talk! – Brian

TN_LOGO-2Brian Baker, Managing Partner

True North Management Group

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Amphitheater (2)

Ponce City Market



  • 1.1 million sf
  • 320,000 sf of retail and restaurants
  • 517,000 sf of office space 
  • 348 residential units 
  • 2,500 office workers
  • 600 retail employees
  • 6,096 daily shoppers (2.25 million annual)
Surrounding Eyeballs
  • Ponce de Leon Avenue, 13.4 million vehicles
  • North Avenue, 5.5 million vehicles
  • Atlanta Beltline, 1.2 million bikers/walkers
  • Trade Area Population, 641,500

Engaged Social Media Community

2017 Sponsorship Kit – Atlanta Silverbacks Football Club

Soccer is buzzing in the Greater Atlanta market and the Atlanta Silverbacks are ready to shine in 2017. True North has been retained to secure the 2017 sponsor roster for this exciting team and their home, Silverbacks Park.  All sponsorships

logo and stadium  atlanta-silverbacks

have been reduced by 40% (CALL IT OUR STIMULUS PACKAGE) and include branding and exposure with the the team, players and park for an entire calendar year — including access to the 600,000+ visitors and hundreds of amatuer, youth, coed and hispanic teams and leagues that use the park year-round.    

  • Centrally located Greater Atlanta Market 
  • 3200 Atlanta Silverbacks Way, Atlanta, GA 30340
  • The park houses a 5,000−seat stadium, four (4) full-size turf soccer fields and is open 360 days per year
  • Home to 400+ men’s, women’s and co-ed weekly amateur teams
  • 600,000 annual visitors to Silverbacks Park
  • Home to the largest Hispanic−based soccer leagues in Georgia (100+ teams)

The Silverbacks compete in the North American Premiere Soccer League (NPSL), the largest and fastest growing League in America with over 80 teams. 

NPSL-Official-Logo.jpg National Premier Soccer League

The NPSL is a national league that operates in the 4th Division of the U.S. Soccer pyramid. Over 5M National Monthly Viewership across its networks of teams and affiliates.


  • Gender:                             70% Men   30% Women
  • Household Income:       $75K+
  • Lifestyles:                         48% Married  75% w/children in HH
  • Race:                                  White – 42%   Hispanics – 27%   Other – 31%

Picture1         POWERPNT_2017-04-04_13-12-40

2017 SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES (May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018)

EXCLUSIVE GOLD JERSEY SPONSOR — $24,000 (was $40,000)


– Exclusive Sponsorship (only one sold) & Official Category Sponsor

– Logo on FRONT & BACK of players’ game jerseys (home & away)

– Four (4) stadium banners (7’hx35’w), four (4) field boards (3’hx20’w)

– Two (2) logos painted on field turf, Logo branded player seats

– Brand activation booth at front entrance of all home games

– Four (4) public announcements during home games

– Sponsor logo and recognition on front of home game programs and all promotional materials (e.g. pocket schedule, team poster)

– Logo (special offer) on back of each home game ticket

– On field promotion before game and halftime during home games

– Access to Silverbacks players for appearances, commercials and events 

– Branded sponsorship announcements on website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Silverbacks fan database (90,000+)

– Twenty (20) VIP tickets, 

– Forty (40) general admission tickets for each home game

 SILVER JERSEY SPONSOR — $15,000 (was $25,000)


– Official Category Sponsor (only two sold)

– Logo on SLEEVE or SHORTS of players’ game uniform (home/away)

– Two (2) stadium banners (7’h x 35’w)

– Two (2) field boards (3’h x 20’w)

– Brand activation booth at front entrance of each home game

– Two (2) public announcements during home games

– Access to Silverbacks players for appearances, commercials and events 

– Branded sponsorship announcements on website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Silverbacks fan database (90,000+)

– Sponsor logo and recognition in home game programs and all promotional materials (e.g. pocket schedule, team poster)

– Ten (10) VIP tickets, 

-Twenty (20) general admission tickets for each home game

 BRONZE SPONSOR — $9,000 (was $15,000)


– Official Category Sponsor

– Two (2) field boards (3’h x 20’w)

– Brand activation booth at front entrance for all home games

– One (1) public announcement during home games

– Branded sponsorship announcements on website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Silverbacks fan database (90,000+)


– Logo and sponsor recognition in home game programs and promotional materials (e.g. pocket schedule, team poster)

– Four (4) VIP tickets, 

– Ten (10) general admission tickets for each home game



– 7’w x 35’h Stadium Banner Sponsor ($2,500/year)

– 3’w x 20’h On-Field Board Sponsor ($1,500/year)

– 10’w x 10’w booth located STADIUM front entrance ($500/game)

Please contact me to secure your sponsorship.
True North Management Group

Brian Baker, Founder, Managing Partner

True North Management Group

+1 (404) 641-1932 

Join ATR in Aarhus, Denmark for the 2017 SportAccord Convention

April 2-7, 2017

About Around the Rings


With nearly 25 years of experience, Around the Rings (ATR) is uniquely positioned to provide advertisers with a highly-targeted platform for reaching Olympic, football, and world sport decision-makers. Nothing can replace on-the-scene coverage of events, leadership and insights into the ongoing business of the Olympic Movement. Since 1992, Editor-in-Chief Ed Hula and his team of correspondents have been on the scene of virtually every important event on the Olympic calendar.

SportAccord Convention


World’s premier and most exclusive annual event at the service of sport. It is focused on driving positive change internationally and dedicated to engaging and connecting; rights holders, organizing committees, cities, press and media, businesses and other organizations involved in the development of sport.

Special Edition Advertising Available – 2017 SportAccord Convention

2,500+ magazines will be distributed onsite at SAC17 Convention and host hotels, shared electronically to ATR’s influential subscribers and industry-leading social media community (170,000+), and archived on ATR’s website for permanent viewing. 

Remaining inventory and prices below:

  • Presenting Sponsor (Front Cover recognition and logo, Inside Front Cover Full Page)  $15,475
  • Inside Back Cover  $6,475
  • Full Page Inside  $4,475
  • ½ Page   $2,775
  • Outside Back Cover  $9,975 
  • 2-Page Centerfold  $8,775


Please contact me directly for more information on these opportunities or to learn more about ATR’s extensive digital assets.

Brian Baker, Founder, Managing Partner

True North Management Group

+1 (404) 641-1932 

Review ATR’s Special Edition for last year’s SportAccord Convention – click here

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New Marketing Partners for InTown Suites

We are happy to share good news from our client InTown Suites who recently added The Weather Group’s “Local Now” and credit builder eCredable to its marketing partner roster with Showtime.

True North is continuing to seek additional partners interested in engaging (and marketing to) to the guests staying at InTown Suites. With 189 properties across 22 States, they have 24,154 guest rooms and an 86% occupancy rate – that’s 20,772 occupied suites every day. With an average of two people per suite, they host 15+ million occupied guest nights annually.

InTown Suites provides an alternative to traditional apartments and extended-stay hotels by offering fully furnished, apartment style accommodations, affordable weekly rates, and a community atmosphere. Rooms are very “homey” and locations are proximate to walkable retail. InTown Suites more closely resembles a multi-family apartment than a hotel. At hotels, guests come and go, spending just one or two nights on average. At InTown Suites, a typical guest stays months at a time with each location offering apartment-style amenities so they feel right at home.

This can be a heck of a sales opportunity/marketing platform for your organization. Much like advertising and consumer engagement platforms in malls, airports, hotels, etc. — InTown Suites can provide targeted marketing directly to their consumers (guests) via multiple modes of engagement in their lobbies and guest rooms, mobile app, wi-fi login page, website and more.

InTown Suites’ guests are diverse and stay primarily for low cost, flexible, short-term housing. However, other reasons for staying include commercial construction projects (construction workers), extended work assignments (traveling nurses, blue, white and gray collar workers), military duty, relocation, divorce or other personal situations, in between homes/apartments and low cost vacation.

The annual cost of the promotion is very affordable, ranging from $1,500-$2,500 per InTown Suites location activated!  For more detailed information, please  visit the link below:


Let me know if you would like more information about this great opportunity.

  • Brian Baker, Managing Partner, True North Management Group
  • +1 (404) 641-1932,


History’s Greatest Forgotten Olympic Hero

History’s Greatest Forgotten Olympic Hero

Op-Ed by George Hirthler

The modern Olympic Movement seldom tells its origin story—and that’s a shame.  Because it’s a story that could serve as an important and inspiring counterpoint to the perfect storm of disasters that are thundering across the headlines in the run up to the Rio Olympic Games. It’s a biographical story of a small man with a giant spirit, a French aristocrat with an unrelenting drive and a vision for building a better world through sport.  It’s a heartbreaking story of personal tragedy, financial sacrifice and end-of-life anonymity that nevertheless propelled the Olympic Games to become the world’s greatest recurring celebration of humanity.

It is, of course, the story of the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.  You may know the name, but few people outside the Olympic Family do.  In fact, Coubertin ranks as one of history’s greatest forgotten heroes.  People all over the world admire and follow his legacy, but few know his name.  More than 3.5 billion people—half the world’s population—tuned in to watch some part of the London 2012 Olympic Games—and Rio 2016 is on track to match London’s audience.  But across thousands of hours of Olympic broadcasts and billions of digital impressions, it is unlikely that the name of Coubertin will register.

And yet, his personal imprint will be seen everywhere.  As John MacAloon wrote in This Great Symbol in 1981, “No modern institution so important as the Olympics owes its existence so fully to the actions of a single person … Moreover, for all the vast changes that have accrued to the Games since their first celebration in 1896, they still bear indelibly—from their flag to their official ideology—the stamp of Pierre de Coubertin.”

Coubertin was born in Paris on January 1, 1863, the very day that Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  While that is pure coincidence, it is a fact that Coubertin spent his life—and his family fortune—liberating people through sport.  When he was eight, he saw the disastrous effects of the Franco-Prussian war with Paris under siege and the 200,000 residents of the city literally starving. When he was eleven, the Germans began a six-year excavation of Ancient Olympia and his young imagination was inflamed as the classical world suddenly leaped from the pages of his Jesuit school books in statues, monuments and stories of Olympic legends long lost.  As a young aristocrat in Belle Époque Paris, he embraced the egalitarian values of the Third Republic and gained powerful political allies as he led the effort to introduce sport into the sterile French education system of the time, borrowing the model of games for schoolboys pioneered in Great Britain by Thomas Arnold of Rugby.

At twenty-six, he saw the grand possibilities of international events as the Eiffel Tower crowned the 1889 Paris Universal Exposition—and he organized the world’s first Congress on Physical Education as part of its program. As his mentor, Jules Simon, the former Prime Minister of France, delivered the keynote address at the  first Universal Peace Congress during that fair, Coubertin envisioned something even greater—a global festival of youth that would unite our world in friendship and peace through sport. 

Five years later, in the great hall of the Sorbonne, as he led 2000 delegates to resurrect of the Olympic Games in modern form, he said, “We shall not have peace until the prejudices which now separate the different nations shall have been outlived. To attain this end, what better means than to bring the youth of all countries periodically together for amicable trials of muscular strength and agility.”

Today, in the horrendous match set of crises in global sport and Brazil’s host city, it’s easy to overlook the extraordinary success of the movement that Coubertin launched in 1894. But when the Games open on August 5th, the modern Olympic Movement will have completed a 122-year journey across the border of its fifth continent.  By almost every measure, the Olympic Movement ranks as the most successful international movement of the 20th century.  Its value to our world is far more important than the competition that will soon take place in Rio.  In its symbols and rituals, the Olympic Movement fills our fractious world with hope and shows us—as the nations of our world march into the arena in a full display of human diversity—that the things we have in common are far more powerful than the things that divide us.

And that is an extraordinary tribute to the life and vision of a 5’ 3” Frenchman who should be remembered as a giant of our times.

George Hirthler is the author of The Idealist, a fictionalized biography of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

The Idealist is available for purchase at 

book pic JPEG

True North is proud to be helping George Hirthler spread the word of this great novel.

Founded by Brian Baker (former USOC senior sports marketing executive) who has extensive experience in sports, entertainment, media and retail.

True North works directly with properties to guide them on a path to fully monetize their audience.

Brian Baker | Managing Partner, Founder

True North Management Group

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Twitter:      bakertruenorth 

Thomas Bach Contributes Preface for Coubertin Novel

True North      

SPECIAL CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT from True North Management Group — June 22, 2016

Thomas Bach Contributes Preface for Coubertin Novel

THE IDEALIST, By George Hirthlerbook pic JPEG


“In reimagining Coubertin’s life, Hirthler not only pays homage to our founder, but gives us a portrait of a man for whom no sacrifice was too great, no challenge too high, no goal too distant.”

  – From the Preface


The Idealist, George Hirthler’s historical novel on the life and times of Baron Pierre de Coubertin—the founder of the modern Olympic Games—continues to garner praise from the leadership of the Olympic Movement.  

IOC President Thomas Bach has contributed the following PREFACE, which is reprinted here as it appears in the novel. 


The Idealist is a vivid portrait of an extraordinary man set against the backdrop of transformation that gave us the splendors of Paris in the luminous years of the Belle Époch. Hirthler’s meticulously researched writing evokes a vivid historical panorama of the birth of the modern Olympic Movement through the eyes of the man who made it happen. 

In the pages of this novel, we are transported to the front rows of history and immersed in the untold story of Coubertin’s unrelenting drive to create our world’s greatest celebration of humanity.

The Idealist is now printed and bound and about to be shipped to those who have ordered advance copies. See below for link to the book’s web site. 

Order your copies today: 

George Hirthler

Author George Hirthler

For more information, please contact me directly:
Brian Baker
Managing Partner, Founder
True North Management Group
True North
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
+1 (404) 641-1932
About Us:
True North is proud to be helping George Hirthler spread the word of this unprecedented Olympic novel.

True North was founded by former USOC sports marketing executive Brian Baker in 2007.  

We focus on helping properties monetize current and strategically created new assets with their viewing audience/consumers, advertisers and sponsors. Client and industry focus on Olympic Movement, Digital Media, Work/Live/Play Retail Development and Entertainment Programs/Events. 

Around The Rings Advertising Alert


ATR Logo

2016 SportAccord Convention – WHERE SPORT MEETS

Lausanne, Switzerland – April 17-22, 2016

SAC16 Cover Pic

Remaining Advertising Available “Must-Read” Special Edition Magazine

2,500+ Special Edition Around the Rings magazines will be distributed onsite at SAC16, shared electronically to ATR’s influential subscribers and industry-leading social media community, and archived on ATR’s website for permanent viewing.

Remaining advertising inventory and prices below:

  • Presenting Sponsor (Front Cover recognition and logo, Inside Front Cover Full Page Ad) $15,475
  • Full Page Inside Ad $4,475
  • ½ Page Ad  $3,475



Please contact me directly for more information on these opportunities or to learn more about ATR’s extensive digital assets.

Brian Baker, +1 (404) 641-1932


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