True North provides a wide spectrum of services, and is available to work on an hourly, contract-for-hire basis, or for long-term, strategic corporate development programs. Generally, most of the client engagements we have been involved with over the years boil down to one basic observation:

Companies have built solid brands and stable revenue models, but they all eventually hit the wall in both revenue and earnings potential. It is the success they’ve had that prevents them from monetizing to their full potential. They become locked in to an outdated business model, unnecessarily restrict the definition of their capabilities and core product offerings, and populate their organizations with insular processes and people who were retained to keep the status quo. Truthfully, once growth stagnates, there is only ONE way to set a new course for growth, and that requires a keen vision, a fresh perspective, comprehensive planning, strategic partnerships, and outside counsel from professionals who’ve done this for their entire career. In a word, it requires COMMITMENT!

True North has developed a step-by-step process that effectively maps the journey:


Marketplace and Competitive Landscape Assessment – Determine available market and competitive environment in order to pinpoint the obvious void, and unique opportunity.

SWOT Analysis – objective assessment of the current situation, including Brand Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.


Brand Asset Analysis – defining, analyzing and auditing core organizational and Brand assets; identification of potential new asset opportunities to better align brand with “fan following” and potential strategic partnerships.

Monetization Planning – identifying immediate, “quick hit” opportunities to significantly increase revenue in the short term.


Community Development – Analysis to identify the current processes and systems for amassing the fan following; system planning for capturing and cataloging “customers” in a behavioral database; preliminary plan development for ongoing, two-way communication with customers and initiating a segmented communications plan that uniquely identifies their needs and deploys messaging to meet those needs.

Follower Recruitment – Identification of core methods for extending reach (referral networks, etc.) and expanded cultivation of  user-generated information, identifying core needs of consumers, with the eventual intention of matching “NEEDS” with prospective Brand partners (“DRIVERS”).

Partnership Engagement Strategy – Strategic plans for prioritizing, matching and aligning customer needs with partner Brand drivers.


Sponsorship Potential Analysis – Analyze organizational preparedness for developing and implementing Sponsorship platforms; identification of prospective partners.

Sponsorship Platform Development – Create the materials and organizational philosophy for embarking upon a comprehensive sponsorship sales program.

Sponsorship Re-Positioning – Develop “Solutions meets Needs” value proposition that will become the strategic glue between the brand and the sponsor partner.

Sponsorship Sales – Leverage True North’s vast industry experience, golden rolodex, and cross-industry marketing network accumulated over the years, to implement a “result-oriented” selling program, matching partner Brand solutions with customer needs.

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