Thomas Bach Contributes Preface for Coubertin Novel

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SPECIAL CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT from True North Management Group — June 22, 2016

Thomas Bach Contributes Preface for Coubertin Novel

THE IDEALIST, By George Hirthlerbook pic JPEG


“In reimagining Coubertin’s life, Hirthler not only pays homage to our founder, but gives us a portrait of a man for whom no sacrifice was too great, no challenge too high, no goal too distant.”

  – From the Preface


The Idealist, George Hirthler’s historical novel on the life and times of Baron Pierre de Coubertin—the founder of the modern Olympic Games—continues to garner praise from the leadership of the Olympic Movement.  

IOC President Thomas Bach has contributed the following PREFACE, which is reprinted here as it appears in the novel. 


The Idealist is a vivid portrait of an extraordinary man set against the backdrop of transformation that gave us the splendors of Paris in the luminous years of the Belle Époch. Hirthler’s meticulously researched writing evokes a vivid historical panorama of the birth of the modern Olympic Movement through the eyes of the man who made it happen. 

In the pages of this novel, we are transported to the front rows of history and immersed in the untold story of Coubertin’s unrelenting drive to create our world’s greatest celebration of humanity.

The Idealist is now printed and bound and about to be shipped to those who have ordered advance copies. See below for link to the book’s web site. 

Order your copies today: 

George Hirthler

Author George Hirthler

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